We trace our start in the city of Mar del Plata (Province of Buenos Aires), in the year 1950. Hand in hand with the founder, Juan C. Nasi, we began to commercialize the first heaters developed by the trademark.

Importing European technology, with a clear entrepreneurial vision in the search to provide comfort, Juan C. Nasi took the leadership of the company with new, solid and noble products.

Constant improvement has always been part of our work, and that is why, over the years, we have kept growing and extending our line of products with varied options and potential uses. We started with heating, and then we incorporated hot water and cooking equipment. Today, we produce heaters, gas and electrical water tanks of high recovery, gas cookers and boilers.

We are an industrial family firm of great productive capacity led by its third generation made up by professionals in every area. 70 years of experience have supplied us with great experience in the production and research of gas products with the clear goal to offer reliable and safe equipment. We know we are inside many Argentinean homes because we preserve the same values and philosophy with which Eskabe started and such feelings have continued throughout the years.

We have two industrial plants with a large production capacity, one located in Mar del Plata and the other in San Martín (Prov. de Bs. As.), which is also an administrative and commercial headquarters.
In addition, we are present throughout Argentina with a coverage of more than 150 Authorized Technical Services.

Our mission is to make home a safe, warm and comfortable place. With modern, innovating and highly efficient designs, we have attained a reduction in consumption and at the same time we have shown care for the environment.
We have been certified since the year 2000 with the ISO rules and today with the ISO 9001:2015 (R.I. 9000-365) which guarantees and backs up the quality of all our production and post-sale processes.

Apart from producing quality products for the local market we also participate in four continents with approved equipment that abides by the most demanding world gas regulations. We are a firm that is acknowledged from USA to Russia, and that ratifies that “where there is cold and gas, Eskabe is present”.

We believe in Argentinean industry, in firms with some state of the art technology which enables to create genuine employment and be the engine for the development of a better future for our Argentina.



Juan Celestino Nasi, one of the founders of ESKABE S.A starts selling the first Eskabe heaters loading them himself on his pick up and installing them in his friends and relatives’ homes.


Already established in Mar del Plata, ESKABE S.A. develops the first Argentine oil heaters of 6000 to 23000 kcalories/hr.


ESKABE S.A. launches the infraconvex line of infrared gas heaters.


The Gaskabe is launched, introducing the direct vent system with safety valve, a revolutionary product, a milestone in the history of heating.


ESKABE S.A. provides the heating for Marambio Base in the Antartic with equipment shipped in the “Bahia Aguirre” vessel, the first helter for mountain climbers on Cerro Catedral, and the Luna Park Stadium of Buenos Aires


Eskabe becomes a generic term for heating products.


Under a license granted by a firm from Switzerland, Eskabe manufactures the Soletta burner, which provides the basis for the launching of the first extra flat oil heater with a full-width flame viewing window, unmatched produt in the word at the moment.


ESKABE S.A. becomes a partner of Robur (Italy). Warm air direct-vent unit heaters, fan assisted for the flue gases, are manufactured by Eskabe under license granted for the South region.


Always faithful to its innovative spirit, ESKABE S.A. breaks into the market with a new design concept. Soft Line, the prestigious Pinifarina studio’s creation, is brought from Italy.


With the object of growing in the gas business, ESKABE S.A. buys the registered trade mark Oro Azul for kitchen ranges, room heaters and water heaters.


Eskabe launches the first direct vent heater with remote control and electronic thermostat.

ESKABE S.A. introduces a new type of product launching the Miniconvex heaters with double safety system and convection heating, easy to install with no breakage of walls.


ESKABE S.A. launches the first thermostatic instantaneous water heater, a very popular innovation.


A revolutionary product is developed: Acquapiú A5, with a recovery of 760 liters of hot water per hour.


ESKABE S.A. archieves international certifications in the USA, Canada and Eastern European countries.


The new S21 Line of direct vent heaters is launched, presenting an avant-garde design and range of colors with the smallest size known in the whole world. Also, the Thermostatic Direct Vent Heater with temperature settings in degrees is born. A real breakthrough in comfort and gas saving.


Thanks to Patents granted to Acquapiú in USA and Argentina Eskabe S.A. achieves exclusivity in the production and commercialization of products within the category.

The certificate of Quality Management System is obtained complying with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:1994.


Multicuccina is born, a kitchen range with a more powerful oven which allows cooking three different meals at the same time.

Minimovil is developed and produced. It is a mobile heater for the domestic market and for export, easy to transport and with an avant-garde design.


The thermo generator Acquapiú A4 is launched, guaranteeing continuous hot water supply even with low water pressure, something that an instantaneous water heater cannot do. In addition, the Thermogenerator A6 is added to series of high recovery water heaters, capable of providing 1100 liters of water per hour and making possible to get more hot water in less space.


The Acquapiú CA21 Thermal Boiler is launched onto the market, a device characterized by its easy installation, durability and minimal maintenance.


Eskabe adds the AROMATIZER to its line of room heaters, which furnishes more comfort to the warm air conditioning of your house by adding the aromas of your choice.

Launching of the ACQUAPOOL, a swimming pool heater with no electronic components which requires minimum maintenance.

The XXI Century series of Direct Vent room heaters is certified in Russia.


EskabeClimaCool ductless split air conditioners and heat pumps are launched in the market, units that not only provide cooling and heating, but they also purify the room air.

The wall mounted gas boilers are presented (models for hot water heating only and models for hot water heating and domestic hot water). Natural Draught and Forced Balanced Flue.


The EskabeFortte water heater of 100 liters is launched, which provides 20% more water than an 85-liter water heater.


2010 The innovative Eskabe Titanio series of room heaters is launched. With unique features in the Argentine market, which include a grille made of injected aluminum alloyed with titanium and heat outlet in 3 directions.


Looking for satisfy the consumer’s needs, we incorporate to the Eskabe Fortte Line the Electric water heater with upper and lower connections.


Eskabe Electric Panel Heater is added to the Heating Series. Easy to be installed and with low power consumption.


With the aim of keep on growing in its industrial proyect of water heater and gas stoves manufacturng, ESKABE S.A. acquires a new industrial plant in San Martín, Province of Buenos Aires. In this way begins the plan for centralizing personnel an production.


Are incorporated to the Water heating Series of Eskabe, new storage water heaters, one gas model of 60 litres of capacity and two electric models, of 35 and 75 liters. In adittion, the latters incorporates polyuretahne insulation, that reduces energy losses and consumption.


The certificate of Quality Management System is obtained complying with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015.